Boot-ya…Quench your donor’s thirst with amazing drinkware!

When I was about 7 years old, our family would go to a certain restaurant on very special occasions. At this restaurant, kids could have their beverage served in a glass boot. A GLASS BOOT! How exciting was that? Very. It was very exciting. I am sure we visited other restaurants when I was a kid, yet, I have a very strong memory of the glass boot at K-Bob’s Steakhouse.This has to be where my (slight) obsession with drinkware began. I wish we could road-trip across America together and randomly survey people about the cups and mugs in their cabinets, in their car cup holders and on their desks. I am convinced that everyone has some favorites that they use often and even carry everywhere.

Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year. About 83 percent of adults drink some kind of coffee in the U.S. Look around any time of the day and someone is drinking coffee, tea, water, soda….something! So, of course, we are always on the lookout for new ideas in drinkware. We know that one sure way to get your logo in the hands (literally) of scores of supporters of your mission is to brand these cups while giving them a cool and eco-friendly way to drink up. We understand that some people even get emotionally attached to what they use to hold their beverage of choice, as noted in this article from Telegraph.


Currently there is a lot of buzz around stainless steel cups with a lining that keeps ice cold for hours and hours…even days. These also keep drinks piping hot for a very long time…way longer than a commute, football game or campfire. The excellent news is that though there is a name brand of this type of cup that can be more pricey, now there are very affordable and really nice looking alternatives with the same longevity. And if this is not exactly what you are looking for, a simple search on our Promo Store site brings up over 1000 options (including a few glass boots, just saying). Drinkware can be adapted to work with any campaign or project and it is universally useful. Why not give your supporters, employees or volunteers their next favorite cup or mug?