Born in Nashville, with roots across America.

Meet the team behind FCI Promos. With over 30 years of combined experience in the blood industry, we are proud to help centers large and small succeed, and we’re just getting started. Over time, we have assembled a cutting edge set of best practices, workflows, and partners…and we want our customers to reap the benefits. We are thinkers. We are designers. We are strategists. Our friendly team of doers understands the need for powerful promotions that can stand out in an ever competitive landscape. We are different by design because we approach every project with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust. We believe these traits should influence everything we do. Let us put together custom solutions that revolve around your goals. We are passionate about success, and our process starts with you.

Amy Eaton
Creative Services

Creativity expert. Tagline guru. Lover of a great pair of cowboy boots. Emmy winning producer. Jumper out of planes. Secret car karaoke singer.

Rebecca Howard

Marketing aficionado. Awesome parallel parker. Legendary comic timing. Can quote every line of Dirty Dancing. Fantasy football champ. Vegas craps player.

Julie Ontiveros
Business Development

Loves new customers. Underground one liner expert. Great listener. Social media magnate. Tech expert. Your daily dose of positive.
Habla Español.

Kristin East
Project Management

World’s greatest project manager. Farm girl. Goat herder. Silent laugher. Addicted to amazing customer service. Right hand person.

Shandi Darnell-Shifflett
Graphic Art

Graphic artist genius. Ink enthusiast. Jeep life. SCAD grad. Paddle boarder and mountain biker. Must love dogs. Scandinavia is calling.

Kirk Francis
of the Board

The buck stops here guy. Good wine is everything. Accomplished boater. Part time golfer. Full time Dad. Dreams of life under the Tuscan sun.

Katrina Kehoe
Strategy Pro

Creative brainstormer. How are we going to promote that? Greek salad lover. Where can I travel next? Runner. Seriously social. Can have an entire conversation through #hashtags.