Color Pairings That Pop

Looking for shirt designs that are budget friendly, but have a big impact?  Here are some color combinations that really pack a punch. 

Our design team is always on the hunt for current fashion and color trends. Here are some color combinations that we are seeing grow in popularity with retail outlets that would translate perfectly for your donor promotions.

The Dynamic Duo: Bold Red & Clean White

Red and white are like a dynamic duo. Sharp designs pop when you mix a bright red with a white background. This combo is perfect for budget friendly blood donor shirts that will still stand out!

The Classic Elegance: Earthy Green & Cool Grey

Green graphics on grey gear?  Yes, please, it’s giving classy and calming. Whether you go earthy or bright, it’ll give a modern vibe to your designs that we are loving for 2024.

The Beachy Bliss: Chill Blue & Fresh White

Blue tees are a hit, and they’re even cooler with a touch of white. Perfect to give that relaxed, coastal, beachy feel to your summery seasonal shirts or a clean cool, crisp look for winter too!

The Color Symphony: Cool Blue & Sunny Yellow

Sunny and bright, blue and yellow are a match made in color heaven.  It’s like looking up to a sun filled sky, warm yellow on cool blue gives us all us all the feels of that perfect outdoor day.  And of course, we think they are a perfect pairing for platelet donor designs.

The High-Contrast Marvel: Bold Maroon & Crisp White

Maroon and white is hotter than ever because of the epic contrast they create. Ideal for intricate designs with thin lines or bold text/typography shirts, this is a one-color imprint that makes a statement.

The Endless Horizon: Blues & Greys for Days

The color t-shirt take on classic neutrals, blues and grays work with nearly every design and for nearly every blood center. These designs are popular with every demographic because you can throw them on with nearly everything and the combination of colors gives you endless options to be create that cool, effortless, look that is in style right now.

The Timeless Trio: Red, White & Blue

It’s not just for patriotic shirts anymore. Although still perfect for all those events too, this trio of color works for all kinds of designs and is perfect for when you want your message to really stand out on a white tees, making them anything but basic.

The Blue Harmony: Dark Blue & Sky Blue

Blue on blue – does it get any better than that?  Blue shirts are the best-selling color of shirts due to the multiple hues available that work with virtually any design.  If you are looking for a way to step your shirt style just a bit, tone on tone is the way to go!  Tonal designs are more popular than ever and give you a clean, retail look that your donors will love.  Whether it is aqua blue graphics on midnight navy or royal on a cool icy blue (and it works on great on gray shirts too), try them out and you’ll be right on trend.

The Fiery Fusion: Warm Red, Orange & Yellow

Hot, hot, hot! Combine these color tones for fun, energetic designs that radiate warmth. The perfect pick for designs you really want to stand out and these colors are a great canvas to throw in a dark blue or purple for a little extra oomph as well.

The Natural Beauty: Earthy Neutrals

If your design is all about nature, lean into the earthy neutrals like sand, moss green, brown heather and light slivery gray.  They are a natural fit for your fall, Earth Day, camping and adventure or hunting and fishing shirts.

The Radiant Vibes: Vibrant Brights 

Want to really bring in that lifesaving energy? 80’s style neon graphics and tees with bold, bright imprints are the way to go! They are back in style and more popular than ever.  Try them for your next high school drive.  Teen donors will embrace the vintage, retro vibe and their parents will want to steal them just for the nostalgia.

Donor tee’s are a classic and they remain the most in-demand incentive that blood donors want and keep ( we see them all the time at the gym, grocery store, when we are out eating and even at the airport).  They are a budget friendly way to thank donors and are still the very best advertising dollars you can ever spend, because they are walking billboards that are seen by the public nearly every day.  Try out one, or all, of these combinations from our site, or challenge us to create something totally custom for your center. We believe that when it comes to color and design, most of all it is about having fun, making a statement and building your brand in new and innovative ways that donors will respond to by rolling up their sleeves to save even more lives.