3 Easy Solutions for Leftover Promo Items

It’s happened to all of us…you place an order for promotional products to support an upcoming campaign and at the end, you find yourself saddled with boxes of leftovers.  Because it’s nearly impossible to predict exact quantities in the blood industry, being saddled with a warehouse full of products that were meant to recognize and retain donors is a consistent and ongoing challenge for centers around the country.

What’s a blood bank marketer to do?  Here are 3 creative ways to meet the challenge…and make your warehouse employees love you.


What better way to deal with excess inventory than to find another way to use them to reach donors?  We’ve partnered with several blood centers around the country to target lapsed donors, first time donors, and type specific donors…all by developing a customized direct mail kit (featuring a leftover promo item).

In Florida, we are seeing double digit returns on a kit targeted at first time O donors.  Each donor receives a recycled grocery tote and a heartfelt letter from a recipient…mailed in a branded package.  This strategic program has not only increased Type O inventory, but also put a big dent in increasing donor frequency across the state.

Customer Service Tool

If a donor has a bad experience, sometimes extra promotional products are the perfect customer service antidote.  Giving a customer a promo item can help calm them down as they perceive they have received something of value for their trouble.  A quick handwritten apology note, mailed out with a leftover t-shirt or mug after a long wait at a blood drive can make a giant difference in how donors perceive your brand.

Increasing Social Media Interaction

Leftover items are a perfect way to increase social media interaction…which hopefully leads to more donations throughout the year.  Consider sending out leftover pens or other small items to any new follower, or to donors who leave comments/feedback, or for tags.  You can organize social media contests with larger grand prizes, but thank all who participate with leftover branded items.

With a little creativity, your old promotional products can help accomplish lots of different goals.  Reach out to us today for ideas or to see samples of programs that are working to do just that.