The Band Is Back Together

That is what the ADRP Annual Conference felt like for us. It felt like our team, our customers, and our fellow vendors were all back together again after a long hiatus. For some of us, it was meeting in person and being able to put a face with a name and connect on a new level. For others, it was like seeing an old friend and reconnecting like no time had passed at all, laughing about good memories and planning for our next project. Then there was the group of us that were meeting each other and learning about each other for the first time. We learned about you and you learned about us and since then many e-mails have been exchanged and new ideas are brewing. And if you were not at the conference, we missed you. Reach out and let us know what you are working on and how we can help. One thing that was consistent throughout the conference was people commenting that we just look like we are having fun. Well, guess what…we are! Connecting with you and working with you and your teams is our favorite part of our job. Our entire team has worked in the blood banking industry, and we know how challenging these times have been for you all. We see you, we relate to you and we can appreciate the hard work that you do every single day. We understand that when urgent appeals are issued, you need something immediately. We understand that the donor experience is always the top priority for you and you must ensure they feel how critically they are needed and how valued they are at every donation. We understand the need to maximize every budgeted dollar in creative and engaging ways. We understand that incentives need purpose, not just to thank your donors, but to impact your frequency, your donor retention and your conversion rates. Our annual planning season is approaching, which is the time we use to strategically pre-plan the coming year with those objectives in mind. This is the time for us to work together with you on your targeted goals for growth. While we take this time very seriously, it is also that energy…that opportunity to be creative, to work to marry current trends with proven best practices in fresh, fun ways…that we look so forward to every year. Whether we had conversation at length with you about what you want to work on next, or whether we waved at you as you were rushing by, please know that we are here ready to help you succeed into your next year of donor recruitment and retention! We are inspired and excited to deliver exceptional products, planning and customer care right to your door.