Ready and Refreshed!


Our team just returned from the annual PPAI conferencewhere we learned about the new trends, items, and ideas that the new year brings. It is always exciting to see the latest and greatest ideas, in real life, so we can determine quality, durability, and variety.

As we walked around, we pointed out things that we knew would be of particular interest to our current customers. You see, when we work with you, we listen to what you want, we learn about your needs, and then creatively, as a team, we bring you the items or plans that help you reach those goals.

If you could have listened to the team as we walked around, you would have heard us speak about our customers as if they were our friends (they are!). We would see an item, suggest a tagline, try to outdo each other for best tagline, and someone would frantically note those ideas so they could be communicated later.

We are much more than a company that can order branded pens or shirts for you. Can we do that? Absolutely. We can get you all of the branded pens, cups, shirts, umbrellas, and coolers that you could ever want. If that is what you need, let us know!

But if you want a team to work with you on your annual promotional plan and incorporate messaging, taglines, items, and graphics, we are here for that too! We can help you get through the week, the month, or the year.

And to the customers we chatted about while we were at the conference…watch out! We can’t wait to share what we found for you.