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R U My Type Drop

Have them saying yes to saving lives and dropping into give with this shirt that is everyone’s type.


Universal Donor Space

The lifesaving force of the O donor is special indeed, this type specific tee can help you increase your targeted O donations with universal success.

Need to grow your type O donations? Try this type specific tee that donors will think is out of this world!


B Donor

Type specific tee’s really make donors feel extra special and important this one is sure to “B” a favorite!


Universal Donor

Help your universal donors show that they are part of a special group with this customizable tee.


Type that Matters

All types matter and this concise message will be understood loud and clear.


Type O

Every donor that receives this tee will be “O” so happy to wear it often.


O Really

There will be no doubt that the O donor wearing this shirt is the giving type.

Holiday & Seasonal

Giving Type Shamrock

Encourage donors to be the giving type with this St. Patrick's theme tee.


Love Type O

Your type O donors are sure to fall in love with this graphic tee that celebrates type specific giving.


O Types Do it Better

Type specific shirts are always in demand, show your donors O how important they are with this bold statement tee!

Patients in need are lucky that so many donors give blood each day and this charming tee will keep reminding donors that they are the giving type.


AB Types Do It Better

Type specific shirts are always in demand and though all donors are just our type, this AB donor shirt will help make them a real standout when it comes to saving lives.


AB Donor Wings

A vintage take on the type specific tee, your AB donors will love this shirt designed especially for them.


A Donor Wings

Many centers have requested special type A shirts as they begin converting these very important donors into the platelet program, and this shirt will really help highlight how critical their blood type is to saving lives.