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Universal Donor

Take this tee for a lifesaving spin, and you will see this globally inspired type specific shirt is sure to be a universal hit with your type O donors.


Universal Donor Type O

Oh, how your donors will love this tee that links together type specific donations and saving lives.


Every Type Counts

Every donor will know they are just the type of hero you are looking for with this tee that celebrates all those that save lives.


Universal Donor Rocket

Take your type specific collections to new heights with this universal donor tee that your donors will love to the moon and back.


Are you my Type

Pick this shirt if you are looking for just the type of tee to grow your next blood drive and get donors springing into lifesaving action.

This modern take on the type specific tee will have your donors seeing O how very important they are to saving lives.


Type Block O

Your O donors will love this bold, vintage style tee!  It’s just the type of shirt you need to boost type collections.

Automated Collections

Right Type

All the signs say your lifesaving donors will appreciate this shirt that points out they are just the type of lifesaver you were looking for.


Am I Your Type?

YES! Tell your lifesaving heroes how much you appreciate them being the giving type with this tee that is the perfect answer for your next blood drives.


What Type are You?

Every type matters, and this puzzle design highlights the importance each blood donors can make.

Holiday & Seasonal

Type of Luck

This charming St. Patrick’s Day tee is sure to bring a little extra luck and a lot more donors into to your next lifesaving blood drive.


My Type

What type of shirt does every donor want? We have the answer with this bold message tee that is the perfect fit for your next blood drive.


Love Type O

O how we love our type specific donors and your universal heroes will really heart this shirt that shows it.


Just your Type

Share this shirt with all your donors who are the giving type and they are sure to drop in to save a life.


Just our Type

Make sure your lifesaving donors know they are just the type of hero you are looking for with this bold text tee.


Be the Type who Gives

This shirt shows that every donor who takes the time save a life is just your type.


Be the Giving Type

This typography style tee is just the type of shirt your donor will want to wear to celebrate their lifesaving spirit of giving.


I Love Your Type

Show your donors some love for being the lifesaving type with this customizable tee that is sure to win their hearts.


All Types

Every type of donor will love this retail style graphic tee that highlights the lifesaving difference every donation makes.

Your type O donors will fall for this shirt that puts your feelings about them on display using the universal language of love.