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Add some groovy vibes to saving lives! Your awesome platelet donors will love this shirt. Let's make platelet donation a groovy act of kindness!

This retro-themed platelet t-shirt will speak to those donors who appreciate being trendy yet impactful.

Remind platelet donors that their special donation today means many tomorrows for other people. Celebrate their lifesaving gift with this simple and powerful shirt.

This shirt is such a great way to thank basketball fans who love sports and saving lives.

Saving lives should always be the goal, but this shirt will be extra special for your sports-oriented donors.

Recognize the dedication that your donor gives by being an amazing platelet donor.

Be awesome! That is what all donors need to hear because that is what they are. Bold text with a simple graphic treatment, this shirt will win the hearts of your donors.

This graphic t-shirt is fun, eye-catching, and unique as it subtly points out the importance of O. The donor wearing this shirt can easily share their life-saving journey with others while still showing a bit of artsy creativity.

Charge up your universal donors with this vintage art t-shirt that celebrates the power that it takes to save a life. The simple graphic, the powerful sentiment, and the celebration of the donor is a clear indicator that the person wearing this shirt is a true hero.


Universal Donor Hero

We can all agree that not all heroes wear masks. Many heroes are the ones who schedule the time, make the effort, prioritize, and give the gift of being a universal donor. Your special donors will appreciate this type specific shirt that points out their distinct level of heroism, as a lifesaver.


Hero, Type O

Be bold. Be brave. Be a hero. This shirt shows the power of heroism that is in every Type O donor. Giving them the ability to be proud of their blood type opens up conversations for others to inquire about how they too can be a hero. After all, the world needs more heroes.

Everyone has a story and an agenda with each day. Some days are busier than others and some days there is room to be a hero. This shirt shares the story of the donors who take a moment of their time to save a life. The artwork displays “Type O” donor, but it can easily [...]

We all know that Type O donors are special. What they give to the world is the gift of life to many blood types, allowing life saving measures to be administered in a quick moment. Type O donors are the true heroes and there is no hero without the O.

There is nothing more powerful than being the universal donor. This text-centric t-shirt will make your donors feel special and empowered by their life-giving donations.


I Am A Type O Donor

Say it loud, say it proud. This Type O donor shirt gives your special donors the ability to share their life-saving good deeds with everyone!


Essential Type O

All blood types are important and needed. Type O is essential. Make your Type O donors proud to play such an important part of the life-saving cycle with this simple and impactful shirt.


Give Blood Love

Read between the lines. When you give blood, you give love. This t-shirt is a simple and powerful message for your donors.


O Negative Donor

Power up your type specific drives with this shirt that has everyone on the same level when it comes to saving lives.


O- Donor

Draw on your type specific donors to save lives with this shirt that that will remind them that giving blood is a real work of heart.


Lifesaving Adventure

Blast off to saving lives with this space themed tee that your type specific donors will think is totally out of this world!