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Repetitive text is a popular trend and this donor shirt with text overlay gives importance into “why” donors are so essential.



Build community awareness for the need of blood donors by creating a Donor Strong movement, celebrating the power that donors bring to our community by saving lives.



You don’t have to be from the Jurrasic period to know that giving blood saves lives. This shirt will certainly be a conversation starter for your movie-loving donors and all of their donor-saurus friends.

The classic winter survival list consists of these major things that matter. This text based t-shirt is catchy, cool and meaningful and your donors will enjoy sharing the message.

The iconic smiley face will spread cheer with your donors as you reiterate the importance of saving lives. Classic colors and fonts make the vibe of this shirt retro and cool.

You can bet on your mane donors who always come through, since they pony up lifesaving blood as often as they can to keep the community supply stable. Celebrate their kindness with this t-shirt so they gallop to the next blood drive.

Accentuate the “donor” in this text-centered graphic tee featuring blood drops and happiness.

It takes a full village to fight cancer. But that fighting must happen one person at a time and every donor matters. This Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt brings the fight against cancer to a united front and your donors will wear it proudly.

This fun, beachy, hipster t-shirt is totally cool for all of your summertime donors–especially your high school and college donors. I mean, once you donate blood, you can spend the rest of your summer on your board, knowing that you are down with saving lives.

Many people make holiday giving a “together” thing. Families, friends, co-workers–many people come together to help during this very crucial time of year. This subtle holiday message t-shirt is festive, fun and impactful.

This fun and festive Thanksgiving themed shirt has a single bold graphic with a whimsical text style. Before they feast, remind them to give the gift of life.

The simplicity of this t-shirt reminds everyone that while we are thankful for donors all year long, we are especially thankful for those who remember to give during the most difficult collection months of the year. Thanks for giving.

Holiday & Seasonal

Star Spangled Donor

Oh say can you see…all of the lives being saved by blood donors? Celebrate the red, white, and blue AND all of your donors this Fourth of July with this patriotic themed shirt.

Clever. Fun. Seasonal. Oh My Gourd, your donors are going to love this shirt!

Nobody likes nightmares! And blood shortages do create nightmares for people of all ages who are in need of donations. Give the nightmares a few nights off by sharing this creepy-themed t-shirt with your donors this October!

It does feel lucky if you are able to save a life. Lucky donors make lucky recipients and lucky recipients means more lives are being saved. Share this lucky donor shirt with your very lucky donors.


Lucky Donor

To be able so save someone’s life, does make a person lucky. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a 4-leaf clover, and lots of luck, for your amazing donors.

Spread a little bit of luck to your donors this year with this bold text t-shirt, that can be used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, or any day!

It is so groovy to be a donor. Peace, love and happiness—that is the vibe you get from this tie-dye beauty.

Holiday & Seasonal

Gave USA American Blood Donor

This awesome patriotic shirt will be a hit with your hip and cool donors who appreciate a graffiti type vibe celebrating just how cool it is to be a blood donor.