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Your donors are sweet! They become the flavor of change, the giver of life – saving lives never tasted so sweet!

Bold text with a wintery spot of graphics will make your donors feel super chill about their lifesaving donation.

You don’t have to be a snowman to know that saving a life is the most chill thing you can do. This is a great t-shirt for winter blood drives.

Who’s YETI? Your donors are always YETI to donate and they will love this shirt!

The classic winter survival list consists of these major things that matter. This text based t-shirt is catchy, cool and meaningful and your donors will enjoy sharing the message.

Many people make holiday giving a “together” thing. Families, friends, co-workers–many people come together to help during this very crucial time of year. This subtle holiday message t-shirt is festive, fun and impactful.

Holiday & Seasonal

Don’t Be A Grinch

Turn all of those grinches into givers with this fun holiday-themed t-shirt.

Holiday & Seasonal

Honor your Heroes

Shed some light on saving lives with fun and festive tee that will have all your donors shining bright this holiday season.

Holiday & Seasonal

Resolution Matter

Kick off the New Year with a resolution that really matters when you start your donors off by saving lives with this giving-based tee.

Holiday & Seasonal

Merry Christmas Donor

Make the season of giving just a little bit merrier with this festive holiday pick that reminds your donors how they can make a lifesaving difference during the holidays.

Holiday & Seasonal

Be A Deer Give Blood

Deck your holiday donors out in style with this shirt that shows them just how “deerly” you appreciate them saving lives during the season of giving.

Holiday & Seasonal

Holiday Snowflake

Every blood donor will “snow” how unique and important they are to saving lives with this festive pick for the holiday season.

Holiday & Seasonal

Blood Donor Wreath

Get your donors hung up on saving lives this holiday season with this shirt that shows them all the “wreath-sons” to give.

Holiday & Seasonal

Be A Deer – Save Lives

Our twist on the seasonal ugly sweater trend, this shirt will surely show every donor how “deer” they are for saving lives during the holidays!

Holiday & Seasonal

Donor Elf

We love blood donors, blood donors are our favorite!  All your elves will be smiling about saving lives in this classic holiday shirt.

Holiday & Seasonal

Merry Donor Reindeer

Your “deer”est donors will be “merry” excited to receive this fun, festive, tee that will have them leaping into saving lives this holiday season.

Holiday & Seasonal

Sleigh Blood Donor

Add a few names to the nice list this holiday season, because your donors will be sleighing saving lives in this shirt…one of Santa’s fun, festive, favorites!

Holiday & Seasonal

Merry Donor

Add a little merry to your winter blood drives with this festive tee that will “snow” everyone how fun it is to save lives this holiday season.

Holiday & Seasonal

Winter Blood Donor

As winter weather sets in, so do blood shortages…get your donors to jump in and save lives with this holiday shirt that will warm everyone’s heart!

Holiday & Seasonal

Make your Resolution Matter

Start your donors off resolving to save lives this year with this shirt that reminds them how much every blood donation they make matters!