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Saving lives is SpecTACOlar! Celebrate your donors being guac-tacular heroes!

This bold patriotic tee is the ultimate way to represent how very important is to be united in saving lives, while letting your donors know that when it comes to celebrating the spirit of giving, they are the real stars!

Embrace patriotic spirit of summer with this red, white and blue tee that is sure to have your all- American donors uniting to save lives during this challenging time of year.

Getting groovy for a good cause! This retro style tee is a great way to celebrate saving lives in honor of Juneteenth.  Plus, it provides the perfect opportunity to educate your community about the importance and the need for diversity when it comes to blood donation.

Celebrate saving lives with this Juneteenth tee that marks a critical day in our nation’s history and highlights how important diversity is when it comes to maintaining a safe and adequate blood supply in all of our communities.


Donor Vibes

Your donors will be reflecting on giving with this cool tee that is all about chill vibes and saving lives this summer.

This fun, beachy, hipster t-shirt is totally cool for all of your summertime donors–especially your high school and college donors. I mean, once you donate blood, you can spend the rest of your summer on your board, knowing that you are down with saving lives.

Holiday & Seasonal

Star Spangled Donor

Oh say can you see…all of the lives being saved by blood donors? Celebrate the red, white, and blue AND all of your donors this Fourth of July with this patriotic themed shirt.

Holiday & Seasonal

Gave USA American Blood Donor

This awesome patriotic shirt will be a hit with your hip and cool donors who appreciate a graffiti type vibe celebrating just how cool it is to be a blood donor.

Holiday & Seasonal

Gave in the USA

This stars and stripes graphic + text t-shirt celebrates the donor who gave in and for the USA! A patriotic thank you for giving the gift of life is the best way to recognize your donors.

Holiday & Seasonal

Be Brave

Thank your donors with this bold and colorful patriotic t-shirt that serves as a reminder, all year long, to always “Be Brave”.

Holiday & Seasonal

All American Donor

Many people see donating blood or platelets as being their patriotic duty. To give back, selflessly, in order to help others is truly the best gift of all. This t-shirt celebrates the All American Donor with patriotic colors and bold graphics.

Sing it with me…summertiiiiiime and the givin’ is easy. This chill, summer vibe t-shirt is fun, colorful and graphically pleasing. Your donors will look great while they sport this shirt all summer long. Why don’t you add a pair of branded sunglasses to accompany this shirt?

Splash into summer as a lifesaver! While they celebrate enjoying the water and embracing summer fun, give your donors the chance to celebrate saving a life too! This graphic plus text shirt will be a favorite to wear all summer long…and beyond.


Summer Donor

Summers are busy for everyone! Whether you are focusing on unwinding, focusing on family, or it is your personal busy time of year, many people need a gentle reminder to give blood. This shirt says it all with retro text, summer graphics, and an overall chill vibe, that your donors will absolutely love to sport this [...]

After they have made their donations, give your donors the gift of a shirt that gives off good vibes. Celebrate relaxation with this fun, beach/waterfront shirt that allows your donors to sit back and enjoy the best of days…the blood donor daze.

Holiday & Seasonal

Donor Revolution

Reflect on how much you value your red, white and blue crew with this shirt that gives a little extra love to those who save lives!

Holiday & Seasonal

All Star Donor

With the rise in popularity of superhero-based movies and tv shows, this shirt is a tribute to those who find the hero within. Honor those who selflessly help others with their lifesaving blood donations.

Holiday & Seasonal

Giving in the USA

This 4th of July will be focused on stars, stripes and saving lives with this fun patriotic pick that will have everyone seeing how important it is to give blood this summer.

Holiday & Seasonal

Red White and Blue Crew Stars

This classic patriotic pick will get your donors excited about giving blood this summer to become part of your red, white and blue lifesaving crew!