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High School/College

Graffiti Art Blood Donor

Bleed for a cause in style! Donors will love rockin' the streets with this graffiti-infused blood donation shirt, where urban art meets a life-saving heart.



Elevate your blood donation game with our vibrant and playful 'GIVE' shirt! This colorful design embodies the joy of giving and celebrates the selfless act of donating blood. Your donors will wear it with a smile, spread positivity, and inspire others to join the lifesaving journey – because giving never goes out of style!

High School/College


Donor frequency is in play with this fun football tee that puts the focus on giving every 56 days, plus it puts their spirit of giving on display on and off the field!

High School/College

Happy Blood Donor

Spread happiness and save lives with this rocker inspired tee!  This vibrant band -style shirt really embodies the joy of giving. Donors will wear it as a symbol of their dedication to making the world brighter through blood donation.

High School/College

Take Me Out To The Blood Drive

Hit a home run with your donors this spring with this fun baseball tee that will have them singing take me out to the blood drive, where every donation is a grand slam for saving lives!

High School/College

Tackle Blood Shortages

Make a lifesaving play with this graphic game day tee that ensures your team of donors will be ready to tackle saving lives this football season.

High School/College

In My Giving Era

In my giving era and proud of it! Donors will be swift to save lives with this pop-music inspired tee that's bound to have them proudly rolling up their sleeves to give.

High School/College

Donor Vibes

Because every drop counts, this shirt will set the vibe for saving lives with your donors over and over again!

High School/College

You Need To Calm Down

Look what you made them do! They'll be swift to save lives with this pop-music inspired tee that is sure to have them rocking and rolling up their sleeves.

High School/College

Llama Here To Donate

Llama going to give blood to get this shirt and your donors will too!  Make them smile with this tee that is perfect for high schools, colleges and any drive where you want to make saving lives just a little more fun.

This shirt is so fetch. We mean it. When you wear this one, you are not a regular donor, you are a cool donor. This nod to one of America’s classic movies is one of our favorite ways to show our support to all those battling breast cancer.

This shirt is such a great way to thank basketball fans who love sports and saving lives.

Saving lives should always be the goal, but this shirt will be extra special for your sports-oriented donors.


Donor vibes

Your donors will vibe in this groovy shirt.

High School/College

Rush in & give blood

Keep your head in the game when you rush in to save a life.

High School/College

Make a lifesaving play

Use strategy and planning with your donors when you bring out the lifesaving play of the day.

High School/College

Lifesaving commish

Change the game, donate blood! Get the job done by saving a life. This graphic bold text t-shirt is great for any sports fans, high schoolers, or college blood drives.

It doesn’t matter which bracket you are betting on, if you keep your eye on the lifesaving team, you (and the world) will always win!

High School/College

Help us tackle blood shortages

This t-shirt works great for high school students and teachers and anyone else who loves to get in the lifesaving game!

Don’t you love when people get competitive about things that are as amazing as donating blood? Embrace their competitive spirit with this sportsy, goal-driven t-shirt.