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You don’t have to be from the Jurrasic period to know that giving blood saves lives. This shirt will certainly be a conversation starter for your movie-loving donors and all of their donor-saurus friends.

The iconic smiley face will spread cheer with your donors as you reiterate the importance of saving lives. Classic colors and fonts make the vibe of this shirt retro and cool.

It is so groovy to be a donor. Peace, love and happiness—that is the vibe you get from this tie-dye beauty.

Turn up your relationship with your donors as you turn saving a life into one of the most rockin’ things they can do. While they are turning up the tunes, they can also be turning up the life-saving rate in their community as they rock on and give back. This shirt is great for high [...]


Color Drop

If you know, you know. And Pink Floyd fans know that this shirt is a play off of the iconic Prism, but with a lifesaving twist. No text is necessary as the art speaks for itself and shares a moment of musical and lifesaving genius.


Kind Donor

When you make the decision to be a lifesaver, a hero, or a giver, you are are showing your most kind self. Your donors will love this simple, yet powerful t-shirt that shows exactly how they showed kindness to others.

Saving lives is always the right thing to do. This hip and trendy graphic tee will be a favorite with your donors.

High School/College

If you know you know

If you are in the know, you can influence giving with this fun social media inspired shirt that will have your donors posting all about saving lives

High School/College

Pacman Blood Donor

Giving is the name of the game with this vintage tee that will have them pac-ing in to save lives.

High School/College

Highkey Donor

There is nothing low key about saving lives. Make a bright, bold statement to your donor with this on trend tee that sends the message they are high key giving goals.

High School/College

Lifesaver Donor

When help is needed, save the day with this hero-inspired tee that will have your donors swooping in to save lives.

High School/College

Be a (Super) Hero

Everyone dreams of someday becoming a superhero. Make that day today, and unmask your heroic donors with this shirt that tells the world their superpower is saving lives.

High School/College

Hero Blood Donor

Highlight the hero in every one of your donors with this colorful comic inspired shirt that shows the world how they are using their power to save lives.

High School/College

Donor Vibes Tonal

Saving lives is a whole wonderful vibe, and your donors will be there for it with this trendy graphic.



Take a bite out of blood shortages! Treat your donors to a whimsical take on the all-time classic cookie shirt with this tongue and cheek technology inspired tee.

High School/College

Sublime Blood Donor

Squeeze a little more lifesaving out of your donors with this sublime shirt that will add a little sass to your seasonal blood drives.

High School/College

Super Chill Donor

Get your donors to pop in and give with this special seasonal tee that makes saving lives just a little sweeter this summer!

This bold, graphic tee really makes a strong lifesaving statement in its simplicity, and it is a perfect pick for high school, college and whole blood drives that will appeal to every donor any time of year.

High School/College

Explore More, Save Lives

Make space for all the donors that will be flying in to save lives with this shirt that they are sure to think is out of this world!

High School/College

Blood Donor Hoop

Getting donors to give is a slam dunk with this sporty shirt that ensures every donor has a ball saving lives!