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This bright and colorful t-shirt is trendy and on point with messaging to spread the word about the importance of making a difference through donation. Available in English or Spanish.

Inspire your donors to save lives with this text/graphic shirt that is elegantly simple and impactful. Available in English or Spanish.

Say thank you with this t-shirt that is a little bit of sports humor with a subtle reminder that what is collected in your community, stays in your community.

This retro-themed platelet t-shirt will speak to those donors who appreciate being trendy yet impactful.

Remind platelet donors that their special donation today means many tomorrows for other people. Celebrate their lifesaving gift with this simple and powerful shirt.

This shirt is such a great way to thank basketball fans who love sports and saving lives.

Saving lives should always be the goal, but this shirt will be extra special for your sports-oriented donors.


Donor vibes

Your donors will vibe in this groovy shirt.

Who doesn’t love a play on words? Enjoy this tool-rific t-shirt for your donors who appreciate a little humor.

You don’t have to be a snowman to know that saving a life is the most chill thing you can do. This is a great t-shirt for winter blood drives.

Saving life is not only heroic and kind, but it is completely out of this world.

Reach for your space-exploration donors with this t-shirt that will keep their eyes on the mission of saving lives.

It doesn’t matter which bracket you are betting on, if you keep your eye on the lifesaving team, you (and the world) will always win!

Seeking intergalactic donors who love to be out-of-this-world with their mission for giving back.

Don’t you love when people get competitive about things that are as amazing as donating blood? Embrace their competitive spirit with this sportsy, goal-driven t-shirt.

While saving a life is not necessarily a sport, many people stay in the game by donating blood on a regular basis. Your sportsy donors (and teenagers) will love this shirt!

Take your donors on a journey to save lives with this space-themed shirt featuring trendy bold text features.

Engage with your space-exploration-loving donors by thanking them with this NASA-styled shirt that is simple yet so original.

Repetitive text is a popular trend and this donor shirt with text overlay gives importance into “why” donors are so essential.



Build community awareness for the need of blood donors by creating a Donor Strong movement, celebrating the power that donors bring to our community by saving lives.