It’s a Whole Vibe

Most people start each day picking up their phone, scanning multiple sources of info for news, social updates and maybe their to-do list. If you are like us, you are also always looking for signs of ‘normal’ along with ways to inspire and share happiness.

Topping the list for most screenshotted and shared right now are brands stepping out of the norm to connect with their audience and we are here for all of it!

Look no further than pimento cheese t-shirts and custom garden gnomes in the Master’s legendary golf merch tent for examples. These highly sought-after items are a study in creating demand and attention for things we didn’t even know we wanted, but now totally need.

As you think through your next promotional campaign, we encourage you to remember much of branding is perception (internal and external) and it can be a huge positive boost to your marketing efforts. Here are five quick examples of scroll-stopping ideas to build loyalty:

  • What’s old is new again…embrace sentimentality and joy for years of the past with retro concert tees, tie dye bags and denim accessories
  • Regional vibes are a yes…from a hat that shouts Ya’ll to a custom tumbler whispering that thing everyone says, promoting what is unique about your city, state or region is always a win.
  • Make ‘em laugh…not one day passes where our team misses sharing a funny TikTok link or hilarious photo. When you embrace humor within your promotions, you are giving your supporters permission to have fun while connecting with you and that equals their attention for the long-term, not just for today.
  • Limited releases create demand… quickly gain traction and drive action from your already-established customer base while attracting new networks with on-trend ideas, like a collectible shirt series, bright socks or quirky puzzle.
  • Positive newsmakers are important…we can’t stress enough that people like to hear how they are making a difference for others, and when you reinforce this message by highlighting positivity, you are steps ahead. Consider bagging your t-shirt with an insert card featuring a personal story or ask your supporters to share their love of your organization by tagging you on social media for a chance to win a unique prize. Pairing emotional connections elevates your giveaways to much more.

And now, we remind you, If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of how to put a plan in place, you don’t need to go it alone. We are here to help…after all, we really like you.