Fresh Ideas–Squeezin’ for a Reason!

We are not sure you know this about us, but we are obsessive about some things. Mostly really good things, like helping our customers surpass their goals, a stable blood supply, attention to detail, pizza, cute dogs…the list goes on. The thing that really makes our whole team excited is new ideas. We live for them and we live for sharing them with you!

Having been around the block a couple of times, we often hear requests for similar phrasing and concepts from centers across the nation. Sometimes, though, a fresh phrase pops up. For example, we recently worked on a concept with the cool people over at the Community Blood Bank of NWPA and WNY and asked if we could pass on the fun to you, blog followers, to illustrate the path from idea to complete campaign.

NWPA Platelet Donor Squeeze1It is a pretty common goal to increase and optimize platelet donations while keeping this unique group of donors engaged in giving often. Community Blood Bank staff were brainstorming and thought of developing a Squeezie Club with custom stress relievers and t-shirts for each high-achieving donor.  What started as a request for “design of a hand squeezing something related to donating….and the words “squeezing for a reason” included with the design somehow” along with a little back and forth about Jimmy Buffet grew into one of our favorite shirt designs of the year so far. Our (incredible) artist worked to keep it colorful, yet affordable and adaptable for future year spin-offs.

The message we want you to hear is, you don’t always have to know what you want in order for us to help you! When you work with us, we can share best practices from customers all over and from our own team backgrounds working in blood centers. You can tell us exactly what you want…or you can tell us what you want to achieve and ask for new ideas. We know not everyone has a giant marketing staff or a creative agency on retainer…and that is exactly why we offer tons of value-added services with orders to everyone without tacking on fees and charges.

Check in to how we can be incredibly enthusiastic about your goals, and we may even tell you about our dogs in the process.